Rural Roots: The History of MED3000


In 1997, a group of physicians in rural Virginia and West Virginia came together with a likeminded goal: to better-serve their communities.

With the help of a business consultant, 40 doctors from more than a dozen practices formed a multi-specialty medical group.  To streamline services, they combined their business and office professionals into a central business office to manage all of the members.  That central office is now MED3000.

Sharing the Wealth

Over time, other physicians or medical groups reached out to MED3000 to ask for help in managing their businesses.  Since this central office operated as an independent business, they had the ability to grow their offerings to offer practice management solutions outside of the founding group.

With a wealth of expertise, MED3000’s professional team grew to provide services ranging from billing to revenue cycle management, outsourced HR services, accounting support, consulting, practice integration and more – unloading the business burden for medical professionals in the rural Virginias and beyond.

MED3000 Today

Now, 20 years later, MED3000 remains physician-owned and operated and provides practice management solutions to more than 170 healthcare providers across the U.S.  Their clientele extends from coast to coast, but their rural roots and vision have remained the same.

“Our goal is to improve the communities that we serve and have a positive impact on society.”
– MED3000 Company Vision

This vision is increasingly important to help support physicians in rural communities, where doctors are desperately needed.  By providing business support in areas with limited resources, MED3000 can bolster medical services in remote locations.

MED3000’s vision also guides Med3000’s practice management principles.  They take a holistic approach to client relations, offering guidance and advice to help physicians thrive and remain independent.

To learn more about MED3000, and how they can serve your practice, contact us!