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March 31, 2020
Internal Audit

Internal Audits Could Protect Your Office

Conduct regular internal audits to make sure that your office is in compliance with the rules and regulations of the ever changing medical field.
January 14, 2020

Time to hire a physician practice management company?

Running a medical practice is likely one of the most stressful jobs out there. Between human resource management, payroll, coding and compliance and so much more, medical providers are in need of support. One of the best ways to find that support is by hiring a physician practice management company like Med3000. 
December 18, 2019

Advanced Practice Providers are filling the gap in care

The increasing demand for healthcare services on all levels is placing great strain on healthcare systems throughout the U.S.This demand combined with a shortage of physicians results in increased use of advanced practice providers to improve care accessibility and to close the gap between the demand for services and the availability of physicians to provide them.
December 3, 2019

Keep your cash flowing with MED3000’s help

In this constantly changing healthcare environment, finding ways to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and increase revenue can be critical to the future of your medical practice.
June 26, 2019
physician integration

Physician Integration 101

Whether you’re looking to join a practice, collaborate with a hospital, or pool resources—it’s important to know your options for physician integration. Here’s a primer on […]
November 5, 2018
benefits of joining an aco accountable care organization

What Are the Benefits of Joining an ACO?

In addition providing better healthcare at a lower cost, here are some of the benefits of joining an ACO.
October 22, 2018
summary of The State of Value Based Care in 2018

Study Shows Value-Based Healthcare Reducing Costs, Improving Care

A recent study from Change Healthcare indicates that value-based care is beginning to achieve the “triple aim” of reduced medical costs, improved quality of care and enhanced patient engagement.
September 25, 2018

What is an ACO?

An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is a group of medical providers who work together to coordinate care for a particular patient population—focused on outcomes, rather than services.
September 19, 2018

Job Opportunity: Billing Specialist

Learn more about this job opportunity!
August 6, 2018
preventing medical billing denials

Medical Billing Denials: Preventing Common Errors

To lower your denial rate, and improve your bottom line, look out for these top five reasons for medical billing denials
July 6, 2018
reporting for medical practice management

Reporting for Medical Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management

At MED3000, we provide insightful reporting and analysis to help manage your practice cash flow and improve processes.
June 8, 2018
leased medical employees

Offering Better Benefits Through Leased Employees

Leasing your employees is an excellent way to offer a strong benefit package to your team, and alleviate administrative headaches.  
May 31, 2018
how to set up a medical practice

How to Set Up a Medical Practice

Launching your own medical practice can be a daunting task.  For 20 years, MED3000 has helped physicians around the country establish and build their practices.  Here are some of our tips for getting your practice off the ground.
January 14, 2018
leased medical staff

Medical Support Staff: To Lease or To Hire?

Leasing employees instead of hiring your team might be the way to go to reduce your administrative workload!
January 14, 2018
outsourced medical billing

Benefits of Outsourced Medical Billing

If you are looking to fill a medical billing position, or have a biller who could use some assistance, outsourced medical billing is an excellent solution.
January 9, 2018
Aging accounts receivable medical practice

Aging AR – Is It Hurting Your Practice?

In medical offices across the country, we see that the longer medical bill ages, the less likely it is to be collected. 
January 9, 2018

Rural Roots: The History of MED3000

20 years later, MED3000 remains physician-owned and operated. Their clientele extends from coast to coast, but their rural roots and vision have remained the same.