Reporting for Medical Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management

reporting for medical practice management

Just as you chart changes in patients’ vital signs to identify trends or concerns, reviewing data reports can help you keep your finger on the pulse of your medical practice.

At MED3000, we provide insightful reporting and analysis to help manage your practice cash flow and improve processes.

Cash Flow Reporting

We provide weekly and monthly reports to your team, allowing us to see how effectively your practice turns services rendered into income. Ongoing reporting and analysis helps us examine past and present financial performance, identify revenue cycle management issues and respond to needs quickly.

Reporting is tailored to fit your practice’s goals and opportunities, and includes important measurements such as:

  • Collection Rates
  • A/R Aging Trends
  • Credit Balances
  • Collection Rates
  • Total Charges
  • Denial Rates

Our reporting is combined with Revenue Cycle Management consulting to provide insight and guidance on how to interpret and respond to data.  MED3000’s medical practice consultants are experienced in practice management and can provide helpful insight and best practices for your operation.

Process Improvements

Practice management reporting can also help identify opportunities for process improvement.

MED3000 can help you see opportunities in areas ranging from billing and denial trends, to staff scheduling changes and provider downtime reductions, to identifying important Key Performance Indicators to reach your goals.

And once we’ve identified areas for improvement, our practice managers have a wealth of knowledge to guide you through implementing process improvements.

Ready to get started?  Contact us today to learn more about MED3000’s reporting and consulting services.