Medical Support Staff: To Lease or To Hire?

leased medical staff

When you own a medical practice, you can’t do it all on your own.  Having a great support staff allows you stay focused on what you love: your patients.

But finding the right staff members (and onboarding them, training them, setting up payroll, providing ongoing management, etc.) can feel like another full-time job.  Leasing employees instead of hiring your team might be the way to go to reduce your administrative workload.

How Do You “Lease” An Employee?

Leased staff members are contracted to your medical practice while employed by a third party, like Med3000.  We hire staff to fill your needs and handle all of the details, from interviewing to training and disciplinary action.

What Are The Benefits of A Leased Employee?

By leasing your medical staff, you can skip the administrative headaches!  Benefits include:

  • Hiring: Soliciting, interviewing and hiring is part of our service when you lease a staff member.
  • HR: A practice management service should provide all HR services for your leased staff member, including: training, coaching, disciplinary action, evaluations, etc.
  • Compensation: Payroll, taxes and benefits management are off your plate with a leased staff member!

Will Leasing a Staff Member Save Money?

Leased staff members can save you both time and money.  You stay focused on your medical practice, spending your time on billable hours rather than handling employee administration.

You’ll see cost savings when you no longer need to provide additional employee insurance, workers compensation, or payroll taxes.  It’s also worth noting that leased employees can provide more flexibility with your practice’s physician benefits.  Your practice can offer robust benefit packages to physicians/partners that do not need to be extended to the leased staff.

Want to talk about leasing medical staff for your practice? Contact us today to learn more!