Time to hire a physician practice management company?

Are you overwhelmed? Does your medical practice need to improve cash flow? Would you like to see more patients walking through your doors?

Running a medical practice is likely one of the most stressful jobs out there. Between human resource management, payroll, coding and compliance and so much more, medical providers are in need of support. One of the best ways to find that support is by hiring a physician practice management company like Med3000.

What is a Physician Practice Management Company?

Physician practice management companies, also referred to as management services organizations, provide non-clinical business administration services to medical practices. These companies complete the non-clinical work so that you can focus on patient care.

“Medical practice management companies, like Med3000, bring fresh, new insight and advice to solve problems and increase revenue. We work with dozens of practices and have the experience and expertise to identify and remove the obstacles that are keeping your office from experiencing growth and productivity,” said Peter McCord, Med3000 President and CEO. “And, like your practice, Med3000 is physician owned. We understand the needs and challenges of independent physician practices – and we go the extra mile to help your practice succeed.”

What services are available? 

Physician practice management companies deliver everything you need to manage day-to-day operations, all with an emphasis on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ROI. Some of the services provided include: 

  • HR administration – tasks like onboarding new employees, managing HR paperwork, etc.
  • Practice marketing – help with planning and scheduling marketing strategies with the best ROI.
  • Operations management – day-to-day tasks like billing, data entry and more.
  • Claims filing and follow up – handling all claims and follow up with insurance companies.
  • Credentialing – managing paperwork and following up with new physicians and credentialing agencies.
  • Compliance and liability reduction – PPMCs stay up to date on all current compliance issues and keep you informed and out of trouble.
  • Financial services – bookkeeping, billing and follow up, etc.
  • Startup support – PPMCs take care of the details so you can begin seeing patients immediately.
  • Practice expansion and relocation


MED3000 offers healthcare provider services ranging from revenue cycle management to HR outsourcing to complete physician integration. Customizable revenue cycle management services include billing, electronic data interchange, implementation, electronic health record and practice management software, provider enrollment and reporting. MED3000’s professional team of experts will help you reduce operating costs and improve efficiencies without sacrificing patient care.

After you have made the decision that hiring a physician practice management company is the best choice for your office, you will need to take time to determine which company is right for your office.

Consider the following when selecting a firm to hire: 

  • Do their values and corporate philosophy match yours?
  • Do they have the management qualifications you require?
  • Do they have a good track record with practices similar to yours?

You should also consider what specific areas your practice needs help with. When selecting a firm, make sure that they specialize in those areas. Once you find a good match, you will experience an increase in time, energy and satisfaction you didn’t know were possible.

Are you ready for Med3000 to handle your business administration duties so you can focus on patient care? Contact us today so we can customize a solution for your medical practice!