Keep your cash flowing with MED3000’s help



In this constantly changing healthcare environment, finding ways to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and increase revenue can be critical to the future of your medical practice.

Hiring a practice management firm like MED3000 can help you focus on patient care rather than tedious forms and documentations. MED3000 has been providing practice management solutions for more than two decades, and our list of clients now includes more than 170 healthcare providers across the United States.

With services like revenue coding, credentialing, and handling claim denials, MED3000’s professional team of experts will help you reduce operating costs and improve efficiencies without sacrificing patient care.

“We unload the business burden for medical professionals, and offer guidance and advice to help physicians thrive and remain independent,” said Peter McCord, MED3000 President and CEO.


Medical credentialing is complex, time-consuming and labor-intensive. With seemingly constant changes, it is challenging to stay on top of all of the complicated requirements for reimbursement and compliance, especially with a staff that is already stretched thin.

MED3000’s existing relationships with insurance providers allows us to expedite the process of provider enrollment.

Our credentialing specialists work hard to make sure payers and accrediting bodies have all of the relevant information they need so that you get paid. We will handle:

  • The tedious forms
  • Troubleshooting denials
  • Provide ongoing updates and validations
  • Submit re-enrollments

We make sure that your providers are enrolled quickly, with all of the critical payers in your area, enabling providers to see patients as soon as possible.

Our expertise will save you time, money, and paperwork, allowing your practice to focus on what matters most – patient care.

Coding and Denials

Ensuring proper reimbursement and compliance, MED3000’s coding reviews will give you peace of mind that you’re not leaving money on the table. We can also work with your team to educate them about improving coding to prevent under coding and to help audits go smoothly.

Outsourcing your coding work to MED3000 will ensure that claims are filed accurately and timely, which will lead to maximum reimbursement and reduced claim rejections. And, like credentialing, outsourcing coding will free up your staff to focus on patient care and satisfaction.

Because our team of coding experts focus solely on coding, we stay up to date on new codes and regulations and the knowledge needed to get you the highest reimbursement.

Appealing payer claim denials can take an incredible amount of time. MED3000’s experts have the time and knowledge to handle every denial and will work until there is a resolution.

Claims that are filed cleanly and on time results in fewer denials. And denials that are corrected and followed up on more quickly will lead to faster payments. Either way, you will see more money, going faster to your bottom line.

Are you ready for us to handle your coding and credentialing so you can focus on patient care? Contact us today so we can customize a solution for your medical practice!